On 1st April 2015, I had the honor to host a webinar with my friend Kai, who is the organizer of the Lifestyle Design Convention, and Perry Gladstone.

Perry opened his first skateboard shop at the age of 15. Over the next ten years he cut his teeth in retail, created his first international company, Fishlips Skateboards, and moved to California where he surfed, fished off a longboard and hung out with the guys who’s pictures he used to cut out of skateboard magazines.

At 24 he founded a national action sports magazine and what would soon become the largest Canadian snowboard brand worldwide, Limited Snowboards.

He had an exciting career, lots of money, a gorgeous wife, a great home and lost it all.

Bankrupt emotionally and financially, Perry wallowed, moved back into his parents house, swung a hammer for minimum wage and learned the guitar.

Two years later an impromptu rant sent to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation got him a job as a media consultant. Soon after a friend got him a gig as a Director’s Apprentice. Things picked up. Perry began working with B-movie greats, started a band, partnered with a rock star and became infatuated with the sport of Freediving.

He started two production companies, a television network that never made it to air, set a national record for underwater breath-holding and traveled the world as an athlete, advisor and musician. In 2006 Perry co-founded the boutique branding agency Brand & Tonic Inc., which quickly attracted A-level clients like Jergens, BlackBerry and Royal LePage.

Back on top, in 2010 Perry moved onto a 50-foot houseboat, bought a winter home in Costa Rica and began a consulting practice that led him to the coaching work he does today- helping high-achievers tap into the mojo behind their achievements and success so they can apply it to any and all parts of their life.

Watch the webinar we did with Perry below.



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