I have recently worked with a client who owns a consulting practice for 30 years.

She came to me because over the past 30 years, she had spend a large portion of her days worrying about where her next client will come from.

Sure, she had built a name for herself in the companies she worked with. However, she could never be certain to get new clients because she essentially did not know where they came from.

Some of them came through referrals and others seemed to come out of the blue.

Whenever she finished a project with a client, she had to go out and try to acquire new clients. Luckily, it worked most of the time.

However, it always left her with a month or two without revenue. This was not a practical issue because the revenue she received from her client projects paid more than well for these break periods.

The problem had always been an emotional one. Not knowing where the next client may come from. Not knowing if the next client will hire her tomorrow or in 6 months. Not feeling in control of her revenue because new clients seemed to come in by chance.

It’s an issue that so many coaches, consultants and service providers have, maybe even you.

That’s where my interview with Andy Hayes who is the founder and owner of Plum Deluxe comes in.

Plum Deluxe was founded in 2007 as an online community to foster a national conversation about mindfulness and connection, encouraging individuals to create moments that matter with friends and family – whether that’s hosting a dinner party, going to a yoga class, treating themselves to a spa day with a friend, or just optimizing their daily routines to include more self care.

In this interview, Andy shares how he initially went into business for himself just to find out that he had created a self-employed job.

He talks about how he went from a freelance gig to building a business that supports his lifestyle and gives him immense personal freedom.


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