Many people acknowledge that storytelling works very well. Unfortunately, most people neglect to actually apply it.

Over the past few weeks, I have seen this concept in action by being around some of the most successful entrepreneurs in real estate education and high performance training.

I have also used it to help fellow business owners increase sales. Let me show you some examples.


How Dean Graziosi Makes 9 Figures Per Year in Real Estate Education

At a recent event in the US, I met Dean Graziosi and Brendon Burchard as they were presenting on stage.

Brendon talked about a recent launch that did not convert as well as he wanted it to, so he sent his sales video to a few of his mastermind buddies. All of them agreed that the video was very powerful and they did not know what to change to make it more effective.

So Brendon emailed Dean to get his point of view. Dean was able to point out exactly what the issue was.

He said something along the lines of:

“Let me tell you how I sell real estate training:

You wake up in the morning and see that the sun is already rising. You take a hot shower and get down to the kitchen where your kids and spouse already sit at the breakfast table.

Before you get to your well deserved cup of coffee, you step outside and check the mailbox.

There you find the newspaper, a bill and an envelope that you have been eagerly waiting for. You open up the envelope, unfold the letter and your eyes open widely. You can’t believe what you see.

You rush into your house and ask your spouse to have a look at the letter you received.

You eagerly show what’s written on it and your spouse says ‘This is amazing. It’s more than you expected, right?’.

You look at your spouse with a big smile and say ‘Yes, it was well worth the investment I made to learn how to invest in real estate.’”

This is more or less the story that Dean told Brendon and if you have ever seen one of Dean’s videos or saw him speak, you know how powerful his stories are. He is a master storyteller.


What a MacBook and Skin Care Products Have in Common

I spend a few days in Jordan the past week where I met with about 20 women entrepreneurs.

Ralph Schonenbach, CEO of Trestle Group, and I hosted a 2-day bootcamp to empower these women entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

I had many amazing conversations and was blown away by the passion and purpose-driven businesses these women have.

One of the conversations I had was with a woman from Dubai who owns a company that sells high-end skin care products. They are among the most expensive products in the world.

She shared her challenges with me and one of them was that the conversion rate was not as high as she wants it to be.

She told me what she did to sell the products so we brainstormed how to solve this issue.

I noticed that she had a MacBook Air and I asked her why she bought a Mac and not a PC. Initially, she talked about technical details and rational explanations. I kept asking the “why” question until we got to the heart of the matter.

Eventually, she told me that she bought the Mac not because of the actual product but because of the experience she wants to have. She wants to experience beauty, simplicity, peace and flow.

Then we moved the conversation to her products and I asked her “Do you think you are selling skin care products?”

From the look in her eyes, I could see she knew the answer.

Relaxed, with a sense of clarity, she answered “No, I sell beauty, pride, prestige, love and youth.”


How to Sell High-End Skin Care Products

After I had her see what she was really selling, we talked about how to turn this into action.

I made the suggestion to tell a story along the lines of:

“You are driving to your favorite restaurant with your husband.

Even though you have been to the restaurant many times, you are always stunned by its magnificence and prestige.

You and your husband get escorted to the table with the most gorgeous view over the harbor.

The waiter brings you the menu. He looks at your husband and asks ‘May I offer you and your daughter an aperitif?’

Your husband looks at the waiter with a serious look and says ‘She is my wife’, to which the waiter answers with a perplexed look ‘I’m so sorry, she looks so young’.

In that moment, your husband realizes that the waiter was earnest when he called your wife your daughter.

Your husband looks you in the eyes with a deep look and tells you ‘You are the most beautiful woman on this planet.’”


How different is that story from talking to potential clients about all the ingredients?

Even though this story may not be perfect, in about 15 minutes we completely changed the way she sells her high-end products.


Start Telling Stories

No matter in which industry you are, I challenge you to tell more stories and to use this concept to have potential clients experience the new daily reality in their minds.

It does not matter if you sell skin care products, consulting services or toilet paper, stories can make a huge difference to your bottom line and brand equity.


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