About two months ago, I connected with Robin Rice on Twitter. We started chatting and a few days later, we ended up on a Skype call.

I was inspired by what she is doing as well as by how much she is getting done. I have rarely met a person who is getting so much important work done is such a short period of time.

She’s publishing books in record time, launching social impact campaigns that impact hundreds of thousands of people, works with high-end private clients, facilitates programs, travels for retreats and still has time to just relax on the veranda on her farm with her husband.

I already felt I’m pretty good at getting things done but thanks to Robin, I entered a whole new world of productivity and focus.

So I asked the obvious question: “How do you get so much done while staying sane and still having such a balanced life?”

I expected that she uses lots of technology, structures, schedules and organizational tools so her simple answer completely surprised me.

She reveals the secret in the video below.



I applied what Robin teaches over the course of 31 days and the results blew my mind. Here are some of them:

  • I get most work done now between 7am and 12 noon
  • I stopped spending lots of energy on thinking about making decisions. I just make the call, send the email, schedule the meeting and get the work done.
  • Because of the above, I got to know some of the most powerful and influential investors, leaders and entrepreneurs across several industries in the past weeks alone


Hands down, applying what Robin teaches is the most powerful personal growth work I have ever done that actually creates results. And that’s coming from a personal development junkie.

Robin re-launches the training program I went through on 1st July.

Learn more about it here.

IMPORTANT: In order to get the one hour bonus Q&A call with Robin, you have to type in “YES” where it says “Are you part of Daniel Jordi’s personal group?”

I will be taking the training again myself in July as well. That’s why there is a personal group where we get to engage in discussions and share experiences.


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