I have had the honor to work with well over 100 exceptional people from 25 different nationalities over the past 1.5 years and help them change their careers to create a life on their terms.

These individuals are continuously striving to do work that makes a difference, work that makes them come alive.

Doing work that matters and work that makes you come alive is much more fun and impactful at great organizations.


What is a Great Organization?

One that has a purpose and embodies it every day.

These organizations, for profit or non-profit, have a deep rooted purpose that drives their leaders. In return, the leaders of these organizations inspire their employees to live up to their full potential.

Great organizations hire creative people in all areas, no matter if that’s marketing, finance or customer service. Therefore, no micro-management or threat-management is used because people know what to do and are inspired to do it. They work outcome oriented instead of being controlled. They are not managed, they are led.

Great organizations strive to make a difference, they strive to make change happen and to grow.

Some examples of what I define as great organizations are Zappos, Acumen Fund and Trestle Group. There are plenty of these organizations out there and I learn about more of them every day thanks to my clients.

Just like with many great things in life, they are harder to find and are generally not the traditional Fortune 500 type companies.


Who Great Organizations Hire

It probably comes as no surprise to you that they hire great people. But what does that mean?

Does it mean highly skilled talents? Does it mean to only hire senior people? In contrary.

It means that they hire for attitude. They hire for attitude from the CEO to the janitor because every single person in the organization can make a difference.

Great organizations hire people like Johnny.


Why Great Organizations Don’t Hire the Traditional Way

Great organizations started to officially abandon the traditional way of hiring. Unofficially, they have been hiring differently since many years.

Zappos recently announced that they get completely rid of job postings. Many other organizations are stepping into their footsteps.

This is not something new. Great organizations have never found their best talents through job postings. They have always found them through referrals from employees, business partners and friends.

These organizations have now decided to fully embrace a new way of hiring world-class people.


Action vs. Reaction

People like Johnny don’t react to the outside world if they are aware of their potential. They take action.

Exceptional people lead their career. They don’t let the current of the river decide where they go. They grab the paddles and go where they want to go, even if it’s initially harder than going with the flow.

The same goes for great organizations. They don’t react to a demand with a job posting. They have established a network through their workforce and through their talent management so they rarely have to react. If they see a need to grow a part of the organization, they talk to the people who already know them.


Great Organizations Ask Magic Questions

Rather than asking dumb questions like “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, they ask “Why did you choose our organization?”. They ask “What do you bring into our organization that we can’t find elsewhere?”.

These questions bring the truth to the table and show the most authentic selves of people.

Exceptional people will have done their homework and will be able to inspire with their answers.


How Sisarina Hires Exceptional People

At the Masterclass 2014 in Baltimore, I met Melanie who is the owner of Sisarina, a full-service branding company. She told us how she hires.

Melanie said that she has never hired anybody who applied for a job. People who want to work at Sisarina shoot a video of themselves where they explain in a few minutes why they want to work there and what makes them unique.

There is a very different dynamic that goes into a video. Melanie raises the bar when she hires.

Shooting a video takes some self-confidence. It’s also more work than just sending in a piece of paper that looks the same every time. It’s a highly personal approach and you actually get to know somebody very well in a short video.

By letting people send in their videos, she does not just reduce her workload but she also filters out people who are not serious about working at Sisarina.


What You Can Do to Work at a Great Organization

Take action, don’t react. Reach out to people.

Ask yourself the question why you want to work at that organization. If the reason is not compelling enough, it’s not the right organization.

Step out of your comfort zone and do the things you are most scared of. These are usually the things that will bring you the results you want.

If you want to work at a great organization where you get to make change and do work that excites you every day, let’s talk about how.


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