Recently, I see more and more of a dividing line between people who are truly fulfilled, successful in their career, have wonderful relationships and people who don’t have these things.

Being naturally curious, I always ask myself, what’s the difference between those people. Are some of them better educated? Do they have more life or work experience? Are they simply smarter or look better?

It’s very difficult to find a common theme. However, the more research I do, the more books I read and the more I talk to people, the clearer it becomes what this common theme is.


Start With Why

Whenever I start to work with a new coaching client, I ask them a lot of questions that start with why. I do this in my coaching sessions, workbooks and homework assignments.

Many times, the people who find it easy to answer these why questions, are more successful throughout the entire coaching process and have a much easier time to build strong relationships.

I believe the reason behind it is that these people much better know their strengths, values and what they are truly passionate about – consciously or unconsciously.

If you know  what these parts are, you are much more confident, clear, have more energy and motivation, take action faster and don’t struggle as hard when times get though.


How to Find and Do Work You Love

Through my findings, I get more and more fascinated about the work, Scott Dinsmore is doing at LiveYourLegend. To illustrate what I mean, please watch this video of his recent Ted Talk.


Are You Doing Work You Love?

Before I would encourage you to go out there and pursue a new career or look for a new job, I suggest you answer a few questions to yourself to see if what you do is truly what you are passionate about.

Here are some questions to start with:

Does what I do truly fulfill me?

Would I work in this career if there were no status rewards?

Does the work I did last week change people’s lives for the better?

When I’m 96 years old and look back, will I say “My life was truly meaningful”?

Does my facial expression in the morning represent a big bold smile most of the time?

Would I be in this career if I would get paid exactly the same to do anything else?


If you answered all of the above questions with a confident YES, be grateful for doing work you love every day.

If you answered one or more of the above questions with a NO, you may need to rethink if you want to spend the rest of your working life in this career.


How to Communicate Your Passion to HR and Hiring Mangers

If you eventually want to do work you love, you also need to be able to communicate that passion and your beliefs in an effective way. Therefore, I put together a 34-page Communication Excellence Workbook that you can download here for free.


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