I met a friend on Saturday evening and we started talking about my business. A very common statement of people I meet when I tell them what I do is “I wish I could do the same”. He told me the same thing.

I asked him why he did not do it. He told me that he had a family to support and could not leave his full time job because he needs a stable income. 

I told him that there was no need to leave his job. He just needed to start something on the side, build it up over the next 12 months and as soon as it generates enough income, he could then decide to leave his job. He could even test different ideas over the months. It’s easier than ever to do that. There were so many opportunities I saw.

He said he will think about it. I offered him my help because I got really excited about the idea of helping him to build his own side business that can become his chance to break out of corporate.


The Excuses

I talk to a lot of people every day and many of them tell me they would love to start something on their own. And then it starts to rain sentences of excuses starting with the word “but”.

“But I don’t have any good ideas”

“But I need a stable income”

“But I don’t know where to start”

And so on. I probably could list 100s of them. Not just because I hear them all the time but because I told these excuses to anyone for years myself.


How I Started a Search Engine Optimization Business

8 years ago, I started to read about SEO and dived deep into the topic. I read plenty of books, bought many online courses and studied the topic for almost 2 years.

I got really good at it and created a few websites that ranked in the top 3 in Google within days. These were mostly testing sites to see if what I have learned actually works. It did.

Then I came across some SEO companies in the U.S. and Germany but I could not find anything good in Switzerland. Since I always wanted to become self employed, I saw an opportunity. I did not have to invest any money to start such a business. I also had nothing to lose so I thought “why not put it out there and see what happens?”. That’s what I did.

I put up a website, not a particularly pretty one, and optimized it based on what I had learned in SEO. My first side project was born.

Only after a few weeks of being at the top of the Google search results for the main keywords, I received emails from business owners in Germany who wanted to expand to Switzerland and needed to optimize everything for the Swiss market.

Within two months after publishing the website, I already had 5 clients on board and made some decent money. My side project was now financing my weekend trips around Europe.


How my SEO Business Crashed

After my initial success with the side business, I saw the enormous potential.

At the same time as I started my side business, I met a guy who was working in business development in the IT sector. We went for lunch a few times and I offer him to join my very small side business to grow it to something substantial.

Over the next months, we met a few times and worked out a business plan. We created offerings and eventually had a website and logo designed. Everything looked great. The potential was massive and the hourly consulting rates we could charge were insanely high.

One thing that worried and annoyed me a little was that my potential partner was becoming more and more unreliable. He missed a few meetings and had bad excuses for doing so.

Eventually, I was waiting for him in the lobby of a hotel in Bern for an hour. He did not call, text or email me at all. When I tried to reach him, there was no answer.

Even days later, I was unable to reach him so I was worried something bad had happened. That worry went away when I saw that he was active online and simply ignored my calls and emails.

To that day, I have absolutely no idea what happened to him. That was the end of our potential partnership.

I could still have kept going on my own with the SEO business but I decided not to, since I had no real passion for SEO and only did it for the money.


How I Built (and Crashed) a 6-Figure Online Shop in Switzerland within 12 Months

About a year after my SEO business faded away, a friend of mine showed me a trendy new product. One of his friends, who owned a tennis shop, first saw the product in Germany and bought one. He thought about selling the product in his store.

The 3 of us sat together and talked about how we could potentially create a business from it. Since I had a lot of experience in SEO, I told them I would take care of the online shop and the online marketing. The friend with the tennis shop was responsible for offline sales and the third was taking care of finances, purchasing and product delivery.

We set up a contract and went to work. We got a deal with the main importer of the products and I started building the online shop.

Within 4 weeks, I pushed our online shop in the top 3 search results in Google. We also did a lot of pay per click advertising through Google Adwords and sales started coming in.

Within the first 12 months, we cleared 6 figures in sales. We invested almost all of that money to expand operations and for more marketing.

Unfortunately, after 12 months, sales started dropping fast and 3 months later, we were down to selling only a few products every week.

We built the entire business on a trend wave that was over after 12 months and because we burnt all the money we made for marketing, we had to close the shop before we started to lose more money.


What I Have Learned From my Failures

First of all, I think I would not be where I am today without my failures. They made me realize that there is much more out there than working in a job and going from weekend to weekend.

It also made me realize that you can only be successful long term if you do something you truly enjoy. Furthermore, I also learned that failing is certainly not the end but rather a learning experience.

Thanks to my two failed business I learned a lot about online business, entrepreneurship, trends, passion at work, finances, marketing and much more.

Another very important lesson I have learned is that in order to start a business, you don’t need to quit your job, nor do you need any venture capital. I stared all my businesses with less than CHF 1000.- startup costs.

I am now happy to do what I love every day at jordico and help others to achieve their goals. I am able to avoid many mistakes I have made before on a daily basis, only because I actually made these mistakes.


Why Don’t You Become a Free Agent?

Talking to so many people who want to become self employed but don’t actually do it made me think.

What if I could help you start something on your own and build it to a full time income and beyond within the next 12 months?

I built jordico from zero to a full time income within 8 months with no existing relationships, brand and without the luxury of having a full time income.

Interestingly, the two most important things when you start your own thing are relationships and a strong personal brand. Two things that I help my coaching clients create every single day.

Would you be interested in a personal coaching & mentoring program to create your own path and take it to a full time income within 12 months so you can leverage your passion, strengths and experience to finance and match your lifestyle?

Then send me an email and let’s have a chat.


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