In this episode of The Aligned Leader interview series, I talked to Marius Dahler, Chief Information Officer of La Prairie Group.

Marius shared his story that got him to become CIO of a multinational corporation and on how Virtual Reality may or may not disrupt e-commerce in the near future.

Having more than 20 years of experience in all fields of IT, Marius has a solid understanding of different businesses and industries. Having first touch with professional computers as a child in the early 80´s he started his career by designing, building and selling computer networks.

In the mid-90´s – the “dotcom” times – he was assigned to build and operate major German websites and e-commerce platforms. Since then he was restructuring and running IT departments with close touch to the business. Delivering manyfold IT and business projects in different industries such as broadcasting, digital media, manufacturing, consumer and luxury goods he learned to successfully lead large, diverse teams across continents.

On top of that, he always enjoyed being in charge of topics outside the IT scope such as being the group´s risk manager, managing the business setup of a newly created eCommerce business or taking care of the real estate.

While counting himself as a strategical and analytical mind he still enjoys being hands-on, be it in IT or on his classic cars.

Watch the interview with Marius below.

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