I recently had the chance to interview Sigrun Gudjonsdottir who has built a very successful, location independent business between Switzerland and Iceland.

We talked about:

    • Trying all the things you don’t like, to end up doing what you love
    • Why passion always wins in business
    • The importance of holding yourself accountable
    • The power of testing and iterating in business
    • Blogging as a way to test ideas
    • The fulfillment that comes from seeing people get real results
    • The beauty about online programs
    • The importance of hiring people before you desperately need them
    • Removing yourself as the bottleneck in your own business
    • The importance of being consistent in delivering value
    • Why doing everything for everyone almost never works and what’s a better strategy
    • Working in blocks to become exponentially more productive
    • How being perseverant in the face of failure creates success
    • Organizing yourself for a location independent lifestyle


Watch the video below.


Sigrun is the founder and CEO of Sigrun GmbH. She believes that anyone can create a successful business from their passion. By combining business experience, technical knowledge, and personal development she coaches her clients to build highly profitable sales funnels and launch their online courses with maximum results.

After running other people’s businesses for 10 years and experiencing health issues that stopped her from working for over 7 months, Sigrun decided it was time to fulfill her dream of having her own business where she could work whenever and wherever she wanted.

During her first six months in business, she worked on traditional management consulting projects, but then quickly realised that her true passion was helping solopreneurs take their businesses to the next level -so she restarted her business in January 2014. In less than six months she built a memorable brand, a constantly growing and dedicated fan base, as well as various products and services that help her clients build successful businesses. She went from making $160 revenue in the first three months of the year to making $55000 within the last three months of the year.

Other than that, Sigrun is a certified Dale Carnegie trainer and has four Master’s degrees including post graduate degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Executive MBA from London Business School.

You can learn more about Sigrun and sign up for her weekly live webinars at www.sigrun.com


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