Over the past 14 months, I have built jordico.com to a major resource of inspiration and insights about topics like building meaningful relationships, personal branding, leadership and career development.

Over 16’000 people visit jordico every single month to create a career on their own terms.

Today, I want to share with you my top 7 tools that I have used and continue to use to build my personal brand.


1. Book Yourself Solid

I mentioned this resource in an earlier blog post about 9 Books to Help You Create a Career or Business on Your Own Terms

This book helped me develop a solid foundation to build my business and personal brand on. BYS especially helped with a clear structure to get every single piece of the foundation right.

If you want to build your independent career or business on a solid foundation, this is the book to buy.


2. My WordPress Blog

This is where everything started. I published my first blog post on 4th September 2012 and have written over 120 blog posts since then. Thanks to my blog, I have received plenty of partnership offers, joint venture opportunities, clients, and invaluable inputs from my readers about their problems, needs and desires.

My blog helped me to become a mini-celebrity in the career development space in Switzerland. It is the home for my personal brand and it grows every single day, even while traveling/working through South America. Greetings from Lima, Peru.

Most coaches and consultants start from zero every day with their marketing and business development efforts since no assents are created from their marketing efforts yesterday. 

Thanks to my blogging efforts, I never have to start from zero. I always pick up where I left things yesterday. Thanks to Google and social media, the audience on my blog grows every single day.

I believe every single human being on this planet must have a blog if they are serious about their career development or coaching/consulting business.

It’s the fastest, most reliable and free-est way to build your personal brand and become known as an expert in your field. 

And if you have any aspirations about becoming and especially staying successful, you need a blog. Period.


3. Start a Blog That Matters

Before I started my blog, I worked my way through Corbett Barr’s bloggers course. I simply love it.

It helped me to go back to the most important questions and ask myself what I really want to do and why. It helped clarify many things that laid the foundation for a fast growth.

I’m currently planning a re-launch of my entire blog and am working my way through the program again to make my re-launch as successful as possible.

If you consider starting a blog – and you definitely should – then start with this course and let it guide you to start a blog that matters. Start a Blog That Matters is now part of the Fizzle program.


4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is my favorite professional social media platform for my niche. I have used it pretty much since LinkedIn started, first for my career, then for my business, but basically always to build my personal brand.

I created a LinkedIn group called the Career Network Switzerland and built it to over 4500 members within the past 14 months.

There is plenty of interaction in that community and it helped me to better understand what my audience wants. Also, lots of clients got to know about me through that group.

LinkedIn is amazing for personal branding. As everything great, it takes a lot of work and simply having a LinkedIn profile is certainly not enough.

You need to be very active and take the lead on cultivating your community if you want to be seen as an expert in your field.


5. Webinars

I started to use webinars early this year and chose Edudip as a platform since it’s simple to use and gives you your own academy where people can rate you and your webinars.

This is an amazing way to build your personal brand because people can actually hear and even see you. You can give live presentations. I regularly do presentations with 50-100 people and it helped me a lot to build trust with my audience.

I usually hold 60-90-minute webinars and work my way through a Powerpoint deck while giving a highly passionate speech about the topic.

Use webinars for yourself to build your personal brand. Talk about a topic you are fascinated about and people will be interested to hear what you have to say.

Passion and excitement is contagious, use it to attract an audience that is sharing your passion and values.


6. Sprout Social

I use Sprout Social to distribute and track my social media activities. I can track all the comments, messages and any other activity there.

It also automatically distributes my updates to my social media networks according to the schedule I define.

One of its tools I like the most is the queue function. Every time I read a great article, I queue it for publishing. Every time I read an inspiring quote, I queue it. 

The updates get published 3-5 times a day on all my social media networks so my community has many more inputs than my two blog posts every week.


7. Contactually

This is my contact management or keep in touch system. I use it very regularly and it helps me to keep in touch with a large network of clients, readers, partners and other people in my network I care about.

It helps me remember the history I have with people and to keep in touch on a regular basis.

I have been testing many other tools to manage my contacts. Most of them were too static, too complicated or simply too expensive. Contactually is something I have been looking for a long time and it definitely makes my life easier.


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