Have you ever wondered how on earth some entrepreneurs can get so much done while staying sane and keeping up a private life at the same time?

The magic solution is leveraging other people’s time.

I bet there are some things you do in your business that frustrate you and other things you are simply incompetent at.

What if you could spend just 5 or 10 hours less per week on those things and instead work on the big picture activities?

How much faster could you grow your business and how much more freedom could you create for yourself by doing less of the work you are overpaid for and more of what you love and are best at?

The great news is, you can start immediately. I created a list of 6 resources to help you work more productively with your virtual staff.

Download it here.

A few weeks ago, I met with a client I worked with and she reported the results of our work together. She told me that since we created the strategic plan to grow her business three months ago, she hired four new employees and just hit the CHF 1 million revenue mark last month.

Was she able to do this because she worked harder?

No. She hired four employees to take over the majority of the work she should not be doing anyway. That created more space to work on the things that create exponential results.

If you are currently making 6-figures and want to grow to 7-figures without compromising your personal freedom, let’s talk.

Here are 5 things you can delegate:


1. Cleaning Up Your Email Inbox

I recently wrote about how unproductive email can be if not managed the right way.

What if you could cut your email inbox by 50%? How much more time would you have to spend on things that grow your business and that are actually fun?

Every day, before I go into my email inbox, my assistant cleans up my emails.

She deletes all the emails I don’t need to see and processes everything that she can take care of. This alone easily saves me an hour per day that I can now spend on growing my business, reading a book, exercising or spending time with my loved ones.


2. Replying to Frequently Asked Questions

This one is closely related to #1 but it’s important as of itself. I bet that there are emails you get on a regular basis with almost identical questions.

This can be technical questions, generic questions about your expertise or where to find something.

Why not have your assistant gather these FAQs, organize your answers and when an FAQ comes in, reply without you having to deal with it?


3. Researching

If you look at what you do on a daily basis, there are probably many things you research.

It could be a list of your top potential partners for an upcoming product you launch, a list of the most popular articles on a given topic or which conferences happen next year in your region that you should go to.

These are all things you as the CEO of your business don’t need to do. After all, you are probably ways overpaid for these tasks.

Imagine all the extra time you had if somebody else would compile these information for you.


4. Scheduling Meetings & Calls

How many times have you tried to schedule a meeting and had to go back and forth 15 times to finally find a date and time that worked for both parties. It’s even worse when more than 2 people are involved.

I now use Timetrade and ScheduleOnce to schedule my meetings. I send a link to the person who wants to talk to me, where she can schedule a time directly in my calendar at the dates and times I specified.

If scheduling meetings & calls is a bit more sophisticated for you because more people are involved or you don’t have specific time slots for when you do certain calls, you can have your assistant take care of it.

Timetrade and my assistant save me a lot of time that I can now spend on more strategic things.


5. Creating Processes

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you had to look up how to do something just to realize that you where looking for the same information a month ago.

You have no idea where you found the solution and how it’s done, so you have to Google your way through useless information that you were already disturbed about last time you had to do this.

Would it not be easier to have a process in a folder that says “Write engaging headline for blog post” or “Print income statement from accounting software”.

Also consider this. What if your assistant or another employee goes on vacation or has an accident and can’t work for 4 weeks?

How are you going to know exactly what you either need to do yourself so nothing slips through, or what you need to delegate to somebody else?

Would it not be easier to have your assistant create processes for everything that’s done in your business?

That would probably save you a lot of headache. I know it saves me a lot of headache.

Everything my assistant does is saved in a process sheet. If she goes on vacation, which happens from time to time, I can either do the necessary things myself or delegate them to somebody else.


But What If Things Get Messed Up?

That’s probably the #1 fear we entrepreneurs have when thinking about delegating things we currently do.

It’s a valid question. So let’s actually ask it. What if things get messed up?

What if your assistant sends you a list with potential partners or events that are not the ones you expected?

What if she schedules a meeting at a time when you had planned to play tennis?

What if she deletes an email that you actually wanted to read?

These things can happen of course and most probably will. That’s the initial price you pay for, to have more time to work on bigger things.

However, you can limit the risk by

1. Communicating clearly and use project management systems to collaborate

2. Hiring somebody who is a fast learner and can think creatively

3. Encouraging your assistant to ask questions

4. Setting very clear expectations


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