There are three causes that I believe in the most. Entrepreneurship, Education and Youth.

I believe they represent the biggest opportunities for a future we can be proud of. Today, I want to talk about Education.

No matter if elementary school, university education or anything in between, the school system seems to be focused on training people to fit in and conform.

That may have been useful when the industrial age desperately needed more factory workers and middle managers. However, we live in a very different age now.

All the good things, positive changes, innovation, new ideas, revolutions in the best sense and movements don’t emerge out of conformity or fitting in. They all emerge from people who have the bravery to stand up and speak up, without asking for permission first.

There are extraordinary people out there who challenge the status quo in Education and lead a wave that will revolutionize the educational system for the better.

Here are five talks they gave at TED.


1. Seth Godin – Stop Stealing Dreams


2. Sir Ken Robinson – Do Schools Kill Creativity?


3. Sir Ken Robinson – Bring on the Learning Revolution


4. Sir Ken Robinson – How to Escape Education’s Death Valley


5. Sugata Mitra – New Experiments in Self-Teaching


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