A few weeks ago, I attended the annual Curious Courses Day in Zurich. It was the first time I have attended it and was blown away by the variety of people I met there.

I know Selina, the founder of Curious Courses, because we did the full day workshop Master Your Career together which will be held again on 27th September 2014, so mark that date in your calendar.

I have learned several invaluable lessons at the CC Day and want to share some of them here with you.


1. True Leaders Follow Their Heart

There were a total of 19 speakers at the event and I got to watch 7 of them throughout the day. The topics were very diverse but every single one of the speakers had something in common with each other. You could feel that they deeply love what they do. You could feel the energy they have when giving their talks.

True leaders invest their time into something that makes them come alive. They work on things that they believe in, things that fuel their passion and things that have an impact.

It once again showed me that there are so many people out there, following their passion in the most diverse ways you can imagine.


2. Embrace Discomfort

We love to stay in our comfort zone. It feels like a rainy evening on the couch, hidden underneath the cozy blanket and watching our favorite movie. It’s so comfortable and it’s hard to imagine going out on a run at that moment.

However, big changes almost never happen under that blanket on the cozy couch. They happen when we stretch that comfort zone and do the hard and scary work.

Talking up strangers is not something I feel very comfortable with. I constantly have to step out of my comfort zone to meet new people.

By consistently moving around at the CC Day 2014 and getting out of my comfort zone to meet new people, I learned a great deal and met people who energize & inspire me.


3. We Can Have it All

Many people I know are stuck in one or the other extreme of what they want to achieve.

Some want to earn lots of money to buy all the shiny objects but don’t believe it’s possible to be truly fulfilled at the same time. Others wants to have total freedom in their lives and true fulfillment but don’t believe they can also be financially wealthy at the same time.

I believe we can have it all.

Working with Edson Williams in the Dreaming Big session made me realize once again, that we don’t have to limit ourselves and that we can live in abundance on all areas of life.


4. “Treat Fear Like a Mother”

That was one of the quotes from Edson in the Dreaming Big session. We talked about big goals and dreams and how fear stops us from achieving them.

Edson brought up the concept of treating fear like a mother.

Do you remember the time when you were a kid and your mother told you what to do and what not to do? I most certainly do. One thing that I clearly remember is that my mother always told me to be at home at a certain time and no later. I agreed and then, of course, came home much later than agreed.

The idea of treating fear like a mother is to observe what the fear says. Maybe it’s “This is going to fail miserably” or “Why would you risk your save job for such a crazy idea?”.

Once you heard what the fear has to say, smile at it and say “I’m going to do it anyway.” Then go do it.


5. Master Your Mind

This was a big theme throughout the day.

Starting with some neuroscience in the morning, going into meditation and finishing the day with how to improvise in everyday life, it all went back to staying present and being the master of the mind instead of being mastered by the mind.

We have so many thoughts every single day and many of them are negative and limit our actions. If we want to achieve something but unconsciously don’t believe we can make it happen, it’s not going to work. We have all had that experience.

What if our mind is 100% on our side? What if our subconscious brain works with us instead of against us?

I believe that’s one of the key factors to success. The more our thoughts are aligned with what we want, the easier it gets for us to achieve it.


I hope to see you at the next Curious Courses Day in 2015!


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