Very soon, you may start to prepare for Xmas. You have probably started doing budgeting or planning for 2014 already.

What do you want you career, business or life look like in 2014?

I recently wrote about my experience at TEDxZurich and the speech from Ankita Makwana. She used the terminology “Be the Architect of Your Own World” which very much resonated with me since it has a lot to do with my own life and my client’s life.


Why I Don’t Like Goal Setting

In my corporate career, everything was focused on goals. I had to achieve certain sales results, do a certain number of client visits and putt all these numbers into reports for “the management” to look at. I hated it. I don’t like being controlled.

Something that I always struggled with was creating projections. I felt it was ridiculous to play God and try to predict the future. The problem of course is always the same, it’s just a projection. It’s impossible to predict the future (at least at the time I’m writing this).

I always thought it would be much smarter to hire people who share the vision of the organization so they actually bring their passion to work and are 100% invested in the company than to hire factory workers and treat them like slaves.

Unfortunately, the organization I worked at was too rigid to realize the potential.


An Alternative to Goal Setting

I first came across the term “Dream lining” in the 4 Hour Work Week from Tim Ferris.

It focuses on three areas:

1. What do you want to be?

2. What do you want to have?

3. What do you want to do?


Dream lining is not completely different from goal setting but I resonates much more with me since you focus less on the specifics and figures and more on who you want to become.

I started dream lining in late 2012 and created my Dreamline Worksheet for 2013. I actually looked at it the first time now after I have created it when I started writing this blog post.

Let’s look at the items on my list.



A personal assistant (20 hours per week) – I have a personal assistant working for me now 30 hours per week, doing everything I don’t truly enjoy and everything she is much better at than I am

A MacBook Pro – I did not buy one yet. Not sure if I really need one plus my MacBook Air is so much more convenient for traveling



A speaker – I have spoken at several events in 2013, been invited to host workshops and seminars

An excellent writer – I’m almost writing every day since a year and would argue that my writing skills have developed very well during that time

More caring about others – I now have stronger friendships than ever before in my life

Location independent – I can operate my business from anywhere in the world and do so a lot of the time

Very good in speaking Spanish – I would not say I’m very good at it. I learned the basics and can understand a basic conversation if spoken slowly



Skydiving – Did not do by now. Maybe I’m too scared but Bungee Jumping was awesome

Drive a Ferrari with my dad – Did not do it yet but I know this will happen in summer 2014

Flight to Ecuador return – That actually became a little more than just Ecuador.

Travel South America for 2 months – That one is astonishingly accurate and happening right now. Working & traveling through Ecuador and Peru right now


The most amazing thing to me is that I simply wrote these things down early in 2013 and never looked at them again. After 9 months, 7 out of 11 became a reality including some of the most important things I had always wanted to have, become or do.

At the time of writing these items down, it was unclear HOW they could become real. Now, looking back, it all makes sense.

Remember what Steve Jobs told us “It’s impossible to connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect the dots looking backwards.”


Using Dream lining to Create a 2014 That You Will Never Forget

Download my Dreamline Workbook and use it as a template for yourself. Especially focus on the being and doing part and design 2014 on your own terms.

You deserve to love Mondays.



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