I’ve recently been interviewed by Jason Billows who is a very successful leadership and business coach based in Canada.

We talked about:

  • My first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 12
  • How I built jordico after failing at five entrepreneurial pursuits
  • The ratio between failure and success as an entrepreneur
  • The biggest challenges I had to overcome to build a successful business on my terms
  • The biggest shift that took me from making a living to a thriving business
  • How I changed my target market to work with people who energize me the most
  • The incredible impact the right people made in my business
  • How joining mastermind groups took my business to a whole new level
  • Being publicly accountable to constantly raise the stakes
  • How going from fluffy plans to strategic action plans grew my business by 300% almost instantly – Download the tool I used to accomplish this here.
  • How I re-engineer my goals to accomplish my ambitious goals on a regular basis
  • How limiting my sales conversations to 20 minutes dramatically increase my conversion rates
  • Converting close to 80% of my potential clients into paying clients without hard-selling or cold-calling


You can watch the interview below.


Jason Billows is the owner of Jason Billows Leadership Inc. and Constant Clients Inc.

After a “dark year” in his life in 2007, Jason enlisted the help of a coach.  The transformation he experienced was profound, and sparked his interest in pursuing a coaching career.

Within 6 months of launching his first life coaching business in 2008, Thrive Coaching, he was booked solid with clients.  He had the same results with his subsequent business, Jason Billows Leadership Inc.

Jason is a strong believer that coaches can change the world if given the opportunity, and so in 2012 he founded his most recent venture.  Constant Clients Inc. helps coaches, consultants and other service providers to build successful businesses in less time and with less stress, so they can focus on what they do best… working with clients.

Jason is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Elite Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach, Ambassador for The Coaches Training Institute, and holds numerous certifications for tools and assessments such as The Leadership Circle.

You can learn more about Jason, and get free resources to help you grow your business, at JasonBillows.com.



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